How to stay safe in snow and sub-zero temperatures

As you may have noticed, it’s very cold outside at the moment! With temperatures not set to rise above -5degreesC before Saturday, we all need to take care when out and about.

For seniors, the elderly and those with limited mobility, the snow, wind and ice can keep them housebound for days. This can lead to issues with food supplies as well as feelings of isolation and loneliness. Visits from our home care caregivers become a highlight of the day or week, bringing in much-needed supplies if required as well as the reassuring sight of a familiar face. It’s also reassuring for our clients’ adult children to know that someone is looking out for and helping their loved one when the family can’t be there in person.

Sidewalks and snow clearance

Vytality at Home customers also have access to a whole range of other services apart from care, as we highlighted in our article “Winter has returned”. This includes that perennial winter job, sidewalk snow clearance. You don’t want senior relatives out in the cold, and you definitely don’t want to travel many miles at the weekends to do it yourself. Read the article to discover why snow clearance services from us can literally be a life-saver.

Our founder Nicole Dyer has personally handpicked a whole range of local service providers to be our trusted Partners. These are reliable, local trades and businesses that we know do a good job and understand the needs of seniors ageing in place in their own homes. They offer their service at a discounted rate for our clients, and we can put you in touch or book them on your behalf.

Venturing out? 6 top tips for keeping safe in the cold

If you’re venturing outside, here are six top tips few simple precautions you can take to keep safer in freezing temperatures.

1. Clear the way

Whilst a Calgary bylaw requires you to clear your sidewalk, make sure you also keep your driveway and any steps to your home as free of snow as possible. Keep areas around your home salted / gritted to combat the buildup of ice.

2. Get a grip

Wearing non-slip footwear gives you better grip and will help you avoid falls, slips or slides. Make sure all footwear is dry, waterproof and well-laced too. If you use a walking stick or frame, ensure they have non-slip rubber ends to prevent them slipping.

3. Layer up

Wearing several thinner layers is much more effective than a couple of bulky layers, and will be easier to move in too. Start with thermal underclothes such as vests and leggings, and work outwards! Always wear a hat, insulating gloves that allow your hands to grip, and something around you neck and over your mouth to warm your breath. Remember to take your COVID face mask too if you’re going inside public premises and in public vehicles. Non-compliance can result in a $100 fine under Calgary Bylaw 26M2020.

4. Sock it to me

Wearing the right footwear is only the start. To keep your feet healthy, always wear good quality socks, and wear a clean, dry pair every time you go outside. Also ensure that your boots or shoes are dry when you put them on too. Take time when you get back home again to change into a clean dry pair of socks, and set out your footwear to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Budget for a cab

We all love the Transit system here in Calgary, but it can be a cold walk to the nearest bus stop or station, and an even colder wait for the next service. Instead, call the Vytality office and we’ll book you a cab to take you from your home to your medical appointments or other necessary journeys such as food shopping. (If you need shopping, or have medicines that need collecting, we can do that for you – just call to discuss your requirements.)

6. Keep your cell phone warm

Cold weather can reduce charge on cell phone batteries and in some cases, cause them to stop working as they are outside their operating temperature limits. Always charge your cell phone before leaving the house and place in an insulated inside coat pocket, so your body heats keeps the batteries warm too. Another idea is to invest in USB rechargeable electronic hand warmers that can keep your pocket (and hands) warm. Some models can even be used as a back-up battery to charge your phone in emergencies too!

Vytality at Home – here to help

Whatever your home care needs, contact us. We offer an initial consultation by phone or online to discuss your specific requirements for yourself or for loved ones. Our home caregivers can help with daily, weekly or occasional visits, plus respite care and 24/7 live-in care

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