Vytality at Home: same great team, new titles

When Brad and Nicole started Vytality at Home, their start-up company aimed to provide a unique and exceptional home care experience for Calgary. They pioneered in so many ways:

  • Extended 2 hours care visits with an emphasis on engagement.
  • Every client could choose their own caregiver.
  • Creating a specially built app to keep caregivers, clients and their families in touch and involved.
  • Building a support network of trusted partners to provide cost-effective and reliable services, from home repairs to snow clearance.

Now, two years on, the innovative start-up has matured into a well-respected company providing an exceptional home care experience to over 75 clients in the city of Calgary and surrounding neighbourhoods. Nicole and Brad have therefore decided to change their titles to “Co-President”, as Nicole explains:

“For the past two years we’ve both held the title of Co-founder and Director. While we are still these things as we continue to evolve and move out of the original start-up phase, we wanted to ensure the titles reflected an operational company.”

Why a Co-President?

The new titles of Co-Presidents reflect the ethos of Vytality at Home, enabling the two founders to focus on moving the company forward as a team. As Brad explains:

“As Co-Presidents, we will share the major functions of any company President namely overall authority and decision-making. This of course also means we have shared responsibility – and shared risk. At Vytality at Home this will be a true sharing of responsibility – there are no egos to be stroked or soothed!”

Innovation through collaboration

Both Brad and Nicole believe that  “two heads are better than one”  when it comes to evolving and improving their service. As any business owner knows, it really helps to have another person look over your ideas, and suggest ways to improve them, or point out potential issues. This is particularly important when assessing a major innovation such as the Vytality app, which also represents a significant investment of both time and money.

Venus and Mars

Over the past two years, Brad and Nicole have become aware of the advantages created by having both a male and female perspective for their business. It’s something they had not anticipated, but now welcome, allowing them a more holistic overview of the needs, requirements and sensibilities of all their clients and their staff.

Continuity is key

We’re all living longer, so as those we love age and need increasing levels of care, continuity becomes increasingly important for them and their families. By providing a comprehensive and client-focussed home care service, Vytality at Home can help clients age in place, and stay in their own home for longer.

Continuity applies as much to the two directors as it does to their staff of dedicated and loyal caregivers. If either needs a little more time, as Nicole did with her recent new arrival, the other is there to ensure the company continues at the same level of excellence, quality and service.

Not a name change but a game change

What may at first appear a simple change of title on email footers or LinkedIn is, in fact, a natural and progressive move towards establishing Vytality at Home as a major player in home care in Calgary and beyond.

Brad and Nicole built their home care business model on their own decades of experience in senior living, plus care and support programs for seniors, mental health and families. Now they can move Vytality at Home forward combining that skill set with their first-hand experiences in providing their unique standard of care for hundreds of people.

Join the Vytality home care evolution

It’s going to be an exciting time for both Co-Presidents, and they would love you to be part of their continuing success.
– If you’d like to discuss home care in Calgary for yourself or a loved one, just give Vytality at Home a call.
– If you’d like to join our team of remarkable caregivers, either call us or email your resumé and we’ll be in touch.

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