Personal care: the support you need, in your own home

Personal care is at the heart of our home care services, to support you or your loved one with help when bathing, dressing, toileting and grooming. Personal care supports you when you are living at home, so you can retain both your independence and your dignity, and live where you want to live. Our caregivers are kind, discreet and practical too, helping you as much as you wish with specific personal care laid out in your unique care plan. Most of all, you will be able to choose a regular caregiver that you know and trust to help you in the ways you need, and let you do what you want to do yourself.

So, what does personal care cover? Here are the key elements we offer: not everyone will need everything, and we can often add on any specific requirements as part of your initial care assessment if required.

Personal hygiene

One of the most frustrating parts of reduced mobility is the reduced ability to wash and toilet without help. Professional personal care helps with the most fundamental of daily hygiene, including:

  • bathing and showering
  • toiletting
  • oral care including dentures
  • bed-baths or washing by hand
  • shaving
  • applying lotions and creams
Why choose a professional personal care service

Professional caregivers receive special training so they can help whilst maintaining both your independence and your dignity throughout. All the details of your personal care are laid out in your care plan, including the precise tasks you require help with, plus the important little details such as your personal preferences for soaps, toiletries, shaving products or skin products. With personal care from a professional, you can both start and end your day with confidence in your personal hygiene, cleanliness and appearance, without worry or stress over the practicalities.

Looking for in-home personal care? Or not sure if it’s right for you? Call us at Vytality – we’re always happy to discuss your personal requirements or those of your loved one, in complete confidence of course.

Getting up and going to bed

Many of our personal care clients begin their day with the best possible start – a friendly face to help them get out of bed, take care of personal hygiene and then help dress them for the day. It’s such a relief for many with reduced mobility to know there is someone to help with transferring from bed to bathroom (perhaps via a wheelchair), which can be a challenge for some. The same applies to washing or bathing, where lack of mobility might limit options.

Once your personal hygiene is taken care of, our caregivers can help with making you look great for the day, including help with shaving, oral care, hair care and grooming. So all you need to do is decide what you’d like to wear for your day, whether you’re staying in or going out for a social activity. Our extended care time slots can also allow for meal planning and preparation, so someone can help with preparing breakfast if you wish. Call us to discuss your requirements and frequency of personal care visits.

Foot care for diabetics

We all need to look after our feet, but it’s particularly important for those with limited mobility or who have diabetes. Our caregivers will ensure your feet are properly washed and dried, and apply foot lotions as required. If they notice any change in the condition of your feet, they can advise you immediately so you can contact your podiatrist or physician to get professional care if required. At Vytality at Home, we have an extensive Partner network with healthcare professionals, so we can arrange specialist podiatry services and manicurist visits, if you wish.

Why a professional personal caregiver is better than family care

Personal care is, well, personal. You may not feel comfortable with your children helping with the more intimate tasks. Equally, they too might be embarrassed. More often, they may simply not have the time available to help you when you need it, every day. Professional personal care allows your family time be just that; time to enjoy with your family, without worry over personal care.

Call in the professionals

Professional personal care services can ensure you get the level of help you need, delivered by dedicated caregivers who are encouraging and experienced. In home personal care provides a reliable ‘framework’ to your day, whether you just need help getting up, or require assistance morning and night. This framework is particularly important for those with dementia, providing the reassurance of a regular routine combined with the familiarity of a friendly face.

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