Respite care: time to take a break

The sun is shining, the shops are open, and the outside world beckons. It’s been a strange Spring, and many of us have been confined at home for months, either shielding ourselves or helping look after those who are more at risk.

If you’re a live-in carer, you’ll know the challenges of being at home, full time, doing everything from washing to personal care, cooking and cleaning. You may have been doing more than usual, as home services such as domestic cleaners and non-essential health workers had to stop working. After months inside, it’s time for you to take a break, for your own mental health and for the benefits of the person you’re caring for too!

Variety is the spice of life

From our own experience, one of the elements of full-time caring during lockdown that people found so hard was the lack of variety in daily life. With so many social venues and opportunities shut down, it was hard to find somewhere to go for a change of scene even if the carer could do so. Now places are opening up again, and we can gather in larger groups, it’s time to get out there and be part of the world again, even for a day.

Many live-in carers at this point will have conflicting emotions; yes, I’m desperate to go out, but I can’t leave him/her on their own. And surely, they need a break from me too?

There is an easy solution: daily respite care. Simply, it’s a day off for you outside the house, and a stimulating day for the person you care for too! One of our caregivers comes to your home to cover what you normally do, when you normally do it. So, they can help get your loved one up and about, while you enjoy a relaxing breakfast in the morning sunshine or even at a local cafe. Then the day is yours, to meet up with up to 50 friends indoors(!), have lunch is a restaurant, take part in team sports, go for a swim, whatever you fancy.

No disruption to daily routine

Back at home, your caregiver is keeping to your loved one’s routine, but adding all sorts of extras, not least of which is someone new to talk to. Our caregivers will do a little light housekeeping, prepare drinks, and prepare a delicious lunch. The afternoon can be spent enjoying favourite games, looking at family photos, tackling trick crosswords or a gentle walk around the garden to point out favourite plants. Our caregiver can even prepare dinner ready for when you come back!

Mental health benefits of respite care

For many of our clients, that first day of respite care is a massive relief. At last they can leave their loved one at home, with all their needs taken care of, and with an experienced caregiver to look after them. Many live-in carers experience guilt at leaving their loved ones, and the cared for person can feel worried if left on their own. Dedicated, one to one respite care allows the carer to relax, and the cared for to enjoy something provided just for them.

What’s more, when you come home again, you’ll have new experiences to share, tales of what you’ve seen – and your loved one will have stories of their day and information shared by their caregiver to offer in return. It really is a win-win scenario.

Regular respite care

A one-off respite care day is the ideal way to experience professional home care services for the first time without any long-term commitment. Thanks to our Vytality app, you can check on your loved one direct with the caregiver, even talk to your loved one via video! (Smart phone required at your end, needless to say.) It gives you both the chance to assess the success of the day, and how you might include other respite days over the coming months, for both your sakes.

Of course, you can also book a weekly caregiver visit, giving you an opportunity as the live-in carer to enjoy hobbies, attend a social group or meet friends on a regular basis. Many clients find this gives structure to their week, and again your loved one will enjoy these visits as much as you enjoy the break.

As time progresses and you may find you need more help in the home caring for a loved one, then simply contact the Vytality team to move over to more frequents caregiver visits, and update the customized care plan we created when we first came to visit you both.

Home care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s

At Vytality, we understand the specific challenges pf caring for someone with dementia, Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment. Our staff are trained on how to care and support those living with dementia, and how to support you too as their live-in carer. Call us to discuss your particular situation, and how we can help create a relaxing day off for you and a reassuring day for your loved one too.

Looking for respite care in Calgary?

We know the mental strain that live-in care can place on you, and how effective even just a day of respite care can be to release that tension and stress. Please do call us – we are happy to help and we want to help too.

539, 5940 Macleod Trail SWCalgary,AB
539, 5940 Macleod Trail SWCalgary, AB
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