Emergency home care and live-in care: help when you need it most

Living in a lockdown can seem very predictable, but life still has a habit of upsetting our health apple cart every now and then. When health incidents disrupt our lives, we need time to be treated and then recover and rehabilitate, whether from injury, illness or surgery.

For example, over 9,000 Canadians sustained serious injuries due to slips and falls on ice in 2017. What’s more, you’re three times more likely to have a fall on ice here in Alberta than in Ontario.

If you have a broken limb or back injury from a slip or fall, then you’re going to need extra help with quite a few aspects of your life, including driving, walking the dog, shopping and bathing. If you’re lucky, you can organize family and friends to help you, ready for when you leave the emergency room or are discharged from hospital.

However, for seniors, the disabled, or the clinically vulnerable living at home, the situation might be quite different. Any change in health or mobility can become the difference between coping well, and not coping at all.

Emergency care for seniors at home

This scenario happened just recently. The 91 year old wife is the primary caregiver for her disabled 89 year old husband, who is in a wheelchair. Due to a stomach upset, he became temporarily incontinent and needed extra help over and above his regular home care visits. His wife was unable to cope as she could not lift her husband in any way, get him to the bathroom in time, nor clean and change him at night.

Luckily, the family were able to help in person for the initial hours of illness, while the home care team swung into action. Extra visits during the day were booked for the caregivers, whilst emergency live-in care was quickly organised and put into place.

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Home care happiness

The reassurance of quality live-in home care made such a difference to everyone involved.

  • The husband had a caregiver living in his home, so there was no worry about waiting until the next caregiver visit if he needed assistance.
  • The live-in caregiver dealt with all the toileting and personal care, including changing bed linens etc, and maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.
  • The wife, exhausted by broken sleep and worry, could rest and relax.
  • The adult children could return home to their families, confident that their parents were in the best of hands.

The live-in caregiver also helped with other housekeeping tasks, including cooking, light cleaning, laundry, putting away groceries, changing the bed, etc. She also provided some much-needed ‘outside’ company and companionship after months of restrictions and lockdowns.

Back to normal again

Three weeks on, the husband was back to his normal self after rebuilding his appetite and strength. Just as importantly, the wife was also feeling so much better, regaining her own strength, getting much better sleep, and enjoying somebody else doing the cooking for once! By far the best result was that the husband didn’t have to be taken into hospital for what was essentially a minor illness, and could recover at home in comfort.

Respite care from Vytality at Home

Live-in care is not just for emergencies. The wife in the scenario above already had enjoyed temporary live-in care herself three years earlier, after she fell and broke her hip. At that time, her family booked additional Partner services including a private physiotherapist to help with mobility advice in her home environment, and a mobile beautician to wash and set her hair! Since then, she has also had booked all-day home care respite sessions for days out to grandchildren’s graduations and other family occasions.

As the primary caregiver for her husband, these were welcome breaks from the everyday routine. She could enjoy her day knowing her husband was well looked after by a caregiver he knew. He had a friendly face at home with him, who knew his routine and his preferences. When the wife returned, she had lots to talk about and videos to share, and he had a great day’s experience with his exceptional caregiver to share in return!

How can we help you?

If you are a primary caregiver, respite care is crucial to your continued mental and physical health. Contact us to discuss your requirements, whether you’re an existing customer or new to Vytality at Home.

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