Winter has returned: home care whatever the weather

The arrival of snow on Tuesday 5 November led to a record number of reported incidents on Calgary’s roads as motorists slid on the icy surfaces. According to the Calgary police, there were 226 crashes reported in the 36 hour period from midnight on Tuesday to 8am Wednesday morning.

We’re glad to say that we still managed to visit our home care clients, providing a cheery face and a smile, and of course, the personal care and other services many clients rely on day in, day out.

City road crews focussed on clearing the main routes but side streets remained icy and covered with snow, catching many motorists by surprise it seems. Salting and gritting helped melt snow from city centre sidewalks and LRT platforms but non-City maintained areas were not treated.. (You can find out the latest info here)

Snow on the sidewalks

So, that leaves many miles of sideways to be cleared by homeowners. Under a Calgary bylaw, all residents and homeowners must clean all snow and ice from any sidewalk adjacent to their property. That bylaw inevitably covers a lot of properties owned by seniors and disabled residents who simply cannot physically clear snow and treat ice. Even if they feel they might be able to, snow clearance inevitably puts them at much greater risk of falls, fractures and the negative effects of cold temperatures.

That’s where our Vytality Partners can help. Our hand-picked selection of local service providers can help with a whole variety of tasks beyond the home, such as grocery delivery, pharmacy collections, dog walking and, yes, snow removal. All you need to do is call us or contact us via the app, and tell us your requirements. We’ll coordinate the services you or your loved one requires, so you can relax and remain in the warm!

That’s one of the benefits of our home care app – families can be active in organising the care their parents and loved ones directly via the app. The app keeps everyone informed of what’s happening, when a caregiver is due, and when they are en route. Families can even talk with their loved one’s selected caregiver during their visit, whether just for a catchup or to discuss if further services are needed.

Time to hang up your shovel!

We know that the burden of snow and ice clearance can weigh heavily on seniors who live in their own home. They see it as a task they know they need to do, and have done hundreds of times in the past, but cannot do any more. This can be both upsetting and frustrating for them.

However, the relief many seniors get from watching their section of sidewalk, driveway and steps cleared by a professional from our team is both comforting and practical. It provides seniors with the reassurance that if they do step outside, they will be at much less risk of falls where snow and ice have been cleared.

“Can you just clear some snow”

If you’re a family member who live just a few miles away, there can be considerable emotional pressure from aging parents to “just come and clear the snow”. Our professional snow removal services takes away the need for you as the nearest child to drive there and clear it yourself. It frees up your precious personal and family time at the weekends, and ensures that when you do visit your senior parents or family member, you can all enjoy quality time together in the warm instead of shovelling snow!

Winter maintenance made easy

We can also coordinate our trusted Partners to help with winter maintenance jobs, from furnaces to HVAC systems. Just call us with your requirements and we’ll do the rest. All our Partners offer special rates for Vytality clients, so you’ll receive quality service at very reasonable prices too.

It’s snow joke

For more information on how we can co-ordinate a one-off or regular snow removal service for you, call us or download the app. The links to the App Store and Google Play are on our Home page.

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