Who you gonna call? Reliable trades when you need them

As we grow older, we may not notice that our home is aging alongside us – until something goes wrong!

When something does go wrong, you may not know who to call to come and fix it. The company that fixed your roof some 10 years ago may no longer be in business, or the HVAC guy who knew how to get your furnace up and running again in super-quick time may have moved on to a new firm.

Locating that leak

Equally, locating and identifying problems become more difficult. We heard of one lady in her 90s who was unable to bend down easily. Despite spotting the water coming out from under her kitchen cupboard, she couldn’t bend down to identify the source. Neither could she switch off the house water supply, or even lay towels down to soak up the leak.

On calling the contact she had in her address book, she discovered that her “usual” plumber who understood her somewhat eccentric home piping system had retired some years earlier.

It took three hours of phone calls for her daughter to locate and check out a company able to come out, and a lot of help from neighbours in providing towels and and emptying buckets!

Contact us first

Had she been a Vytality home care customer, one call to us would have solved the “find a plumber” issue. As a local Calgary home care company, we have established hand-picked trade partners who we can call on to help you. All our partners have experience working for our senior customers, so they understand the challenges and concerns they may have.

With our partner coordination service, they can become your “usual” traders with the added reassurance that we have checked them out already. As a Vytality customer, you simply call our office or contact us via our app, and we can sort out the trade you need for you, including heating, plumbing, and other repairs. We slo have partners who specialize in home adaptations such as bathroom modifications, grab rails and ramps which you may need as your mobility changes

More than just emergencies

Our partners are happy to help with multiple jobs you may require, including:

coordinate services such as

  • Grocery Delivery
  • Pharmacy, Collections
  • Lawn Maintenance and Gardening
  • Dog Walking
  • Hair Services
  • Transportation
  • Snow Removal

At Vytality at Home, it’s all part of the service that sets us apart from other home care companies. As we say “Your Home, Your Care, Your Choice”.

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