Do I need home care at the moment?

If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is probably – yes! Many of our clients started by asking themselves that very question, when they realised everyday tasks at home was getting harder for them to manage.

It’s often the little things that signal you might need help, such as changes in mobility so you can’t bend as easily, or perhaps walk as far as you use to. High shelves may become a challenge rather than just a simple stretch, wet laundry feels very heavy, and housekeeping becomes physically tiring. Even meal preparation can sometimes feel like a chore too far.

That’s when most clients realise that they don’t need just a cleaner, or a laundry service, or even a chef (!). What they really need is an extra pair of helping hands, so they can continue to stay in their own home, surrounded by their own possessions, and be enjoying life rather than just living.

If that sounds like you, call us to discuss your requirements. We’re here to help.

How home care can help

Many seniors think home care is all about personal care, and only personal care. That simply isn’t the case. At Vytality at Home, we have a whole group of clients who don’t needn’t any form of personal care, and probably won’t for years to come. However, they recognise their own limitations, and have realised that home care can help them add life to their years, as the saying goes.

By freeing themselves of chores they are either less able or less willing to do, they can focus on the things they do enjoy, including socialising, favourite hobbies or simply relaxing.

The advantages of a weekly home care service

Once you’ve enjoyed a home care session from Vytality, you’ll probably wonder how you ever managed without it! Our caregivers have lots of experience, and can spot the jobs they can do that you might not even think of. For example, they can arrange a taxi, get prescriptions delivered to your door, or unload grocery deliveries into the cupboards you can reach.

And if you’d rather just sit and chat over a cup of tea and a crossword puzzle, they’ll be more than happy to do that too. If you find you need more than one visit a week, simply call the office or arrange it via our app.

A familiar face every visit

We all know how hard staying at home for long periods can be, particularly if you live alone or are a primary caregiver to a loved one. When you decide on regular home care with Vytality at Home, you can choose your caregiver from our high quality team. This means the same friendly face will appear for every home care visit. So, you can build a relationship and (as our clients say) gain a new friend.

This is particularly important for those living alone, as restrictions limit their social contact to telephone calls or doorstep chats. As home care providers, our caregivers are permitted to enter your home, and we observe strict COVID precautions to keep you safe too. For more details, see our previous blog on loneliness.

Home care your way

As you can see, our home care services are flexible and adaptable. So if you need more care for a few weeks after surgery, for example, this can be arranged. We also offer respite care if you need a break from full-time caring for a loved one at home, including those with dementia.

To discuss your requirements, you can:

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