The Alberta Relaunch Strategy: Time to go out again?

As the Alberta authorities plan how to ease the social restrictions put in place eight weeks ago, the advice to seniors remains much the same – stay home to stay safe and minimise risk.

The Alberta Relaunch Strategy lays out the gradual reopening of certain facilities such as dentists, camping grounds and golf courses between 1-14 May. Non-urgent scheduled and elective surgeries have already restarted. Chiropractors, psychologists, physiotherapists and other regulated professionals can reopen their clinics if they can keep their patients, themselves and their colleagues safe.

If all goes well, from 14 May some businesses can resume full operation under Stage 1 of lifting restrictions, including:

  • clothing stores
  • hair salons
  • cafes and restaurants at no more than 50% capacity
  • museums and art galleries

Gatherings of more than 15 people at a time would still not be allowed.

However, as Alberta’s chief officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw pointed out at a press conference this week, May 14 is still a target and not confirmed.

“The message as we look towards this relaunch is not that we have eliminated the risk — we have not. We have reduced it by our actions together by limiting the spread.”

The underlying health advice remains unchanged, to follow public health measures, practice physical distancing and good hygiene, and continue acting responsibly.

Senior home care and staying safe

Senior home care is the ideal way to remain shielded from coronavirus for vulnerable groups such as seniors and the disabled. If you are in an at-risk group and are being cared for in your own home, you reduce the number of people you meet, which in turn reduces your risk of infection. It really is a numbers game, and seniors with home care in Calgary are definitely winning it.

Your home care caregivers, such as the team here at Vytality at Home, will follow a strict plan regarding how they care for you, including hygiene, cleaning, and their own health checks. They will also reduce the risk of infection through using appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) where required.

Stage 1: becoming social again

As Stage 1 opens up favourite cafes and restaurants again, seniors may be tempted to go out again, meet with friends and “get back to normal”. However, the important thing to remember is that the virus hasn’t gone away completely. It’s just that less people are getting infected because they have reduced their exposure to those who are infectious.

As people meet and mingle once again, the risk of meeting or being close to someone who has the virus but probably doesn’t even know they have it, increases.

Medical experts suggest that prolonged and frequent exposure to those with the virus increases your ‘viral load’, makes you more likely to catch it. (2) So at risk seniors who have been in near-isolation should consider gradually easing themselves back into everyday life, with a short time spent outside the home to begin with.

This might be a coffee in a cafe with a few friends at an outside table in the sunshine, rather than a full meal inside with lots of people around, at least to begin with. Everyone should also wash or sanitize their hands as often as possible when out, and immediately on returning home, regardless of age!

Help in getting out and about

At Vytality at Home, we can help seniors emerge from lockdown with confidence. Now that the spring weather is here, our caregivers can assist with short walks outside the home for those with mobility issues, and arrange transport for those who want or need to venture further afield but not take public transport. We can also help seniors attend medical appointments, and access dentists and other healthcare services.

Want to discuss home care for your ageing parents or yourself?

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