Travels from your armchair: virtual tours of exciting locations

With the official global travel advisory in place, Albertans should “Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada and all cruise ship travel.” For many of our senior clients, foreign travel had already become difficult due to mobility or health issues.

The good news is, you can still explore some very exciting places in the world from the comfort of your armchair, thanks to the many virtual tours available for free, online. With nearly all the world’s major tourists sites closed, their beauty and wonders are being shared online, from sweeping panoramas to step by step walks.

So sit back and explore our fascinating and intriguing world – no passport or reservation required!

Climb every mountain

If your hiking days have passed (or you’re a total stranger to backpacks, poles and boots!), these tours take you high into the peaks with no ropes, no altitude sickness and no blisters.

Magnificent Machu Picchu

We love this virtual tour around the awe-inspiring Inca site high in the mountains of Peru. After explorer Hiram Bingham brought the ruins to the world’s attention in 1911, it was finally designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983.

The Grand Canyon, USA

Hike along the famous Bright Angel Trail via Google’s Street View Trekker option. This 9 mile route rises from the Colorado River at the bottom to the top of the south rim. Your mouse finger will get a workout as every move forward involves a click!

Mount Everest

Enjoy spectacular views of the the world’s highest peak, located on the border between Nepal and China.

The Zhāngjiājiè National Forest Park, China

Fly around the quartz sandstone pillars, shaped over time by erosion and tree roots. Or walk along the famous glass bridge across the gorge.

Walk the Swiss Alps

Informal and fun, you literally walk along with your host and see what they see, and if you have a treadmill, you can walk along too! Utterly charming, accompanied by the gentle tinkle of cowbells and stunning views.

Explore the world’s largest cave

No head for heights? Head underground instead. First discovered in 1991, then ‘lost’ until 2009, this extensive cave complex has been digitised by National Geographic in a bid to preserve it against tourist development. You can trek through it with 360 degree images and even sound effects.

Stand beside the world’s most dangerous volcano

As you watch this short but fascinating video filmed at the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, you can pan around for 360 degree views. Not one for the faint-hearted!

Dive into The Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough

What better guide could you have to this stunning place! A mixture of information, photos and short videos, each Chapter explores a different area. Simply scroll down each page to discover more.

Stand in the wilderness of Patagonia

An immersive video with 360 views, exploring the 4 million hectares of designated national parks.

Stroll around ancient Pompeii, Italy

Look around the famous Roman city entombed in volcanic ash for centuries, without the crowds and tour groups. Zoom in on the little map bottom left of your desktop screen top see where you are in this large site.

Sunrise at Stonehenge, UK

A great guide to this prehistoric monument with photo ‘hotspots’ you can click on for further information. There’s even a live webcam feed with the tracks of the planets overlaid. Innovative and informative.

Visit the Henge

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Virtual Angkor shows what this amazing site looked like in past centuries. An educational site at heart, the animated reconstructions really bring the complex to life. Check out the video 360 tour of the ruins as they remain today.

Show us where you have been!

Our home care team love learning about what you’ve seen and done in your life. So, why not hunt out those holiday photo albums gathering dust in your basement, (or videos on your iPad!) and relive some of your favourite travels with us next time one of our caregivers comes to see you? Show us:

  • Your favourite destination
  • How you love to travel best – ship, train, car, bike, horse…
  • Unusual places you’ve discovered here in Canada
  • Special places on your doorstep right here in Calgary!
Time to talk with Vytality at Home

With our two hour home care visits, our caregivers have the time to sit and chat through your travel adventures, as well as complete your personal care and other requirements. Call us to discover more about our Calgary home care services, and what makes Vytality at Home the right choice for you or your loved one.

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