Recovering from illness or surgery? There’s no place like home

Home care isn’t just about caring for seniors and disabled people on a regular basis. We also help people who need extra assistance short term, such as those coming out of hospital after surgery, or recovering from a serious illness.

We’ve all seen the images of recovered COVID-19 patients being wheeled out of hospital to the cheers and claps of the staff who have been looking after them, sometimes for weeks. The relief these patients must feel when they return to their homes is probably also accompanied by concerns of how they will cope back in their own homes as they regain their strength and health again.

Bridging the gap between illness and health

This is where temporary home care services can make all the difference. A professional home care team can take on the jobs most people would do themselves, but are too much to do whilst they are recovering. They may receive home visits from health care professional, but it;s the reassurance of regular, daily care that gives them the confidence to relax and concentrate on their recovery.

At Vytality at Home, we’ve been caring for people recovering in their own home long before COVID-19 ever happened. We’ve seen how well-planned, regular home care can help people through a carefully managed, steady recovery process in the comfort of their own home. Yes, we will be wearing more PPE these days as part of our contact and droplet precautions, but the Vytality caregiver in the mask is still as skilled, caring and friendly as ever before!

Home care when you need it most

We may call it short term home care, but it is actually home care services for as long as you need them. We create a personal care plan including everything you need help with while you are recovering, including:

  • Personal Care
  • Nutrition
  • Engagement
  • Homemaking
  • Services outside the home

As you recover, you may need less help in some areas such as cooking or cleaning, but more in others such as grocery shopping or getting to appointments. We’ll simply adjust your care plan and frequency to suit your changing needs. You can also manage your own care requirements through the Vytality app (page link), from the comfort of your own home.

Personal care during your recovery

At Vytality at Home, our team are experienced caregivers who help our clients with personal care every day. They understand that for you, help with personal hygiene might be a new experience, at least within your own home. Your chosen caregiver will discuss what you need, what you want to do yourself, and how your personal care is best delivered in your own bathroom. This might mean temporarily swapping baths for showers, or hand washes if you find it difficult to stand, for example.

Nutrition and fuelling recovery

How many times have you said “Oh, I’m too tired to cook”! When you’re recovering form an illness, you may not have the strength or energy to prepare and cook a meal. Our team can help you plan menus for a week ahead, order the groceries you require, and help you prepare delicious, nutritious meals to fuel your recovery.

Isolating with engagement

Our caregivers are not just there for the business of what needs done, they are there to offer you companionship and interaction too. As you recover from illness, you’ll usually also be self-isolating at home, to reduce your risk of infection from others. However, isolating can be lonely and you may feel isolated after the bustle and activity of a hospital ward. You may also be shielded from family and friends, and not feel able to call them just to chat during the day, especially if they are working. Our caregivers always have time for a chat and a laugh, and maybe help solve that tricky crossword puzzle together.

All our caregivers are also happy to talk with family via the Vytality app during their visit. Our clients’ families who live miles away love this because it enables them to discuss your care in real time with your caregiver and you together.

Homemaking and housekeeping

When you’re tired, sore and not feeling your best, the last thing you’ll want to do is cleaning or laundry! Our home care team can keep your home hygienic and clean with light housekeeping during their visit. They can do a load of laundry, do the washing up, iron your shirts, etc.

Help outside the home

Life doesn’t go on hold just because you are ill or have restricted mobility. The grass still grows, the shopping needs doing, and you may need to go to follow-up hospital or healthcare appointments. Our Vytality Partners team can provide help with all the ‘everyday’ stuff, and all you need to do is call our office! We’ll do the rest, from booking an experienced gardener to mow your grass and trim the hedges, to help with medicine collection from pharmacies, booking transport for appointments, and even dog walking! As a Calgary home care provider, we have built our on team of reliable Partners who give us preferential rates, so you can save time and money on asking family to organise these services.

Our caregivers can also help you take those first steps out of your home too, even if it’s just a short walk around your yard or to the end of the street and back. Having a caregiver walking beside you boost your confidence, enabling you to venture out (suitable distancing of course) where you might not on your own.


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