Home care at your fingertips: introducing our new Vytality at Home app!

At Vytality at Home, we delighted to announce the launch of our new Vytality app. This innovative home care app digitally connects vulnerable seniors with their family, their chosen caregivers, and helps them organize their home care services.

The app offers our home care customers complete visibility of all aspects of their care, a rarity in a health care sector not usually known for its transparency. The simple to use app links the home care recipient, their caregivers and members of their family directly via their mobile phone or mobile device. It works in real time and is ready to use anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Feature-rich app for total home care management

The app is packed with features that help everyone keep in touch and in the loop at all times:

• Seniors and loved ones receiving care can invite family members to their account. Account members can track in real time what’s happening, even if they are hundreds of miles away.

• Family member who are funding or monitoring senior care for a loved one can check on exactly when care is provided, and by whom.

• Everyone linked on the account can video chat during a caregiver’s visit, a great feature for clients who request care for aging parents, grandparents or family members with particular healthcare needs.

Home care at clients’ fingertips

The app is simple to use and put control of home care where it should be – at your fingertips. The Vytality at Home app lets you:

  • Choose a caregiver and filter caregivers based on their needs
  • Arrange, schedule and alter both regular and extra home care services as and when required.
  • Receive appointment reminders and notifications.
  • Track a caregiver when en route to a home care visit.
  • Receive notification when they arrive on site.
  • Message and video chat with a caregiver during the appointment time.
  • Contact the Vytality at Home team.
  • Track and pay for home care services directly through the app
  • Receive appointment reminders and notifications
Peace of mind via a phone

Nicole Dyer, co-founder of Vytality at Home, says:

“I love seeing the peace of mind our services brings to people, and how they get comfort knowing who is coming to their home, and getting notifications that the team is onsite along while being able to communicate directly with our team.

“We have seen first hand the great benefits that our care services can provide to seniors and their families. Sadly, we have also seen what poor delivery or a blatant lack of delivery by some home care companies can do to a senior. These include ‘no shows’ that leave seniors with no care, and with the result that family members must take time away from work to manage unforeseen or unexpected care needs.

“The Vytality at Home app is therefore ideal for those that are managing the care of a loved one, but cannot be there themselves. It keeps them informed of all aspects of our home care services provision, including costs. In most cases, it is the daughter managing the care of one or both of their parents.”

Companionship, engagement – and the power of a walk

The app also enables clients to easily order additional services ranging from companionship, social stimulation and engagement, to a multitude of daily living assistance functions such as taking a walk in the fresh air.

“Having someone to take mom out for a walk – knowing that they are safe – has been a really big draw,” says Nicole. “The team and the client get to know each other really well while they are out walking, and this significantly boosts the overall well-being of the client. We have heard such great feedback from the families about the social stimulation and getting ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ outside!”

Vytality at Home – passion and professionalism

Our founders Brad Lohman and Nicole Dyer have worked with seniors for over 40 years. They are passionate their work and know the right combination of education, experience and personality that they want working for their company. The growing team at Vytality at Home are all carefully screened and selected by the founders.

For more information, contact the Vytality at Home team via phone or email.

You can download the new Vytality at Home app:

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