Maintaining social contact …why is it important?

Vytality at Home services wants to ensure seniors, those with mental health challenges receive the stimulation and support that can enable them to remain as Independent as possible.  According to the Public Health Agency of Canada (2012) only 80% of seniors, (those over the age of 65) participate in one or more social activities in a week, however that leaves one-fifth of seniors not participating in weekly or even monthly activities.  Social contacts tend to decrease as we age for a variety of reasons, including retirement, the death of friends and family, or lack of mobility. Regardless of the causes of senior isolation, the consequences can be concerning, even perhaps detrimental to their health and may result in the person having to leave their home.   According to Nicholson (2012) even perceived social isolation — the feeling that you are lonely, is a struggle for many older people.  Fortunately, there are services such as Vytality at Home which can engage those individuals who remain isolated and we can maintain or improve their quality of life. Thus keeping those individuals out of hospital and keeping them where they feel safe and comfortable- in their home. It is better to be proactive than reactive in engaging support- Vytality is here to help by offering the best Calgary Senior Home Care in the city.

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