Personal care: so much more than just a wake-up and a wash

As we get older, we all need a little extra help with everyday tasks, from clearing the sidewalk of snow to taking the top off stubborn jars! It’s when we are more frail that we may find difficulty with our own personal hygiene and body care tasks, such as washing, bathing, shaving, dressing, hair care and toileting.

What is personal care?

Personal care provides you with the help you need to do these tasks, and carry on living in the comfort of your own home. An experienced and qualified caregiver can provide you with the assistance you need, and give you the confidence that someone is there that understands your precise needs.

Personal care services usually include options to help you with:

  • Getting out of bed in the morning
  • Going to the toilet
  • Washing, bathing or showering
  • Getting dressed
  • Personal grooming such as tidying your hair or shaving
  • Dentures and/or hearing aids

During the day, personal care at home can include:

  • Meal preparation and serving
  • Help with eating and drinking
  • Toileting
  • Medication reminders

In the evening, personal care can include:

  • Help undressing
  • End of day toileting and night-time protective sanitary products
  • Medication reminders
  • Help getting into bed and settling for the
Personal care and home care

Many home care providers tend to focus on the personal care aspect of home care. As a result, their caregivers tend to be on a tight schedule, and may only have 30 minutes or so to help you. So, once you’re up and washed, for example, they may need to move on to their next client.

At Vytality at Home, we do things differently.

Our caregivers are with you for a two-hour home care session that isn’t just about the ‘necessaries’. Our caregivers are also there to provide a helping hand with your day to day homemaking, including laundry, light housekeeping and linen service. They can also support meal planning and preparation, and they know how to make a really good cup of coffee just the way you like it!

A consistent and familiar face every visit is especially important for seniors living on their own. For our seniors’ families concerned about their loved ones being alone, our caregiver engagement program ensures our clients have plenty of social and cognitive stimulation, with engaging activities, brain games and recreational therapy.

For our seniors, that translates into chats over a cup of tea, solving a tricky crossword together, reminiscing over family photos, discussing the latest news, or just taking a welcome stroll down the street in some spring sunshine!

Your care concierge

Alongside our caregivers, our office team offer to arrange services you need. Think of us as your own personal senior lifestyle concierge! We can arrange to have your lawn mowed, your dog walked, your hair dressed and book a reliable local taxi with suitable accessibility, to take you to medical appointments, shopping, or to meet friends for lunch or a coffee (COVID restrictions allowing).

We can also arrange for your medicines and medical supplies to be delivered or collected from your local pharmacy. If your home requires any modifications to make life easier for you, such as grab rails, ramps or non-slip flooring, our team of hand-picked Partners can help.

So, with Vytality, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: tailored personal care and a highly personalized service.

About our caregivers

We employ only the very best caregivers in Calgary and hire them based on being passionate about creating exceptional experiences for you. We look for team members who exhibit our core values of: Compassion, Respect, Innovation, Care, Integrity and who view providing care as more than just a job. We only hire 1 in 25 caregivers who apply.

We then go to considerable lengths to find caregivers that are a great match for you, including their backgrounds and languages spoken. The choice of caregiver is ultimately yours. So every visit, it’s the same friendly face in your home, a caregiver and friend that our clients grow to know, trust and look forward to arriving.

If you’re looking for comprehensive care in your home that offers more than just personal care, call us. We’re happy to talk through your need and requirements, or those of a loved one.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

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