Is it time to move? Home care and assisted living

We recently read an article sharing the signs that it might be time for you or a loved one to move into assisted living. As we read it, we realized that these signs also indicated when you could benefit from home care, without the need to move out of your own home (at least, not yet).

Not quite coping as well as you used to

As we age, some of the jobs we used to do around the home seems a little harder, from lifting loads to laundry to unloading shopping. You might not want to cook a meal every day, or find it more difficult to shower or wash. And that’s just fine, that’s just age creeping up on us!

What you need is a helping hand with the everyday tasks you personally find more difficult. Our experienced home care team can help devise a plan that looks after your particular needs – no more, no less – so you can relax and enjoy living at home more. Many people assume home care must involve personal care, but if you don’t need it, we will still help with all the other challenges, including meal preparation, shopping and light housekeeping.

Problems moving around inside the home (decreased mobility)

Mobility is often seen as key to independent living in your own home and ageing in place. However, a gradual loss of mobility does not automatically mean the only option is to move into a assisted living complex. It may simply mean your own home needs some modifications, o help you move around more easily and reduce your risk of tripping and falling. These might include:

  • grab rails and handrails
  • wider doorways
  • reducing thresholds and internal ramps, so it’s a smooth, level walk around your home
  • non-slip flooring in kitchens and bathrooms
  • gentle sloping ramp to your front door rather than steps
  • level access to your back yard

At Vytality at Home, we have a team of approved Partners who can help with home accessibility modifications, at specially negotiated rates. Call us for details.

Potential isolation and loneliness

The pandemic and resulting lockdowns across the world have shown millions of people just how lonely and isolating it can be to stay at home all day, every day, with little to do. At Vytality at Home, we know that decreased mobility can lead to potential isolation, as getting out and about becomes more difficult. That’s why our caregivers don’t just come and ‘do the necessary’ and rush away again. Our minimum two hour time slots allow for something far more important than chores – companionship. Whether you want a good old fashioned chat, someone to help complete the crossword, or to share family news with, our caregivers always have time to sit or take a gentle stroll, and be with you as a friend.

No social life

If mobility is an issue, then you might find it more difficult to get out and about. However, that’s no reason to ditch your usual activities and rely on those provided in an assisted living community, however excellent they may be. At Vytality at Home, we can help organise transport to your favourite activities, from meeting friends for a coffee in town to visiting the theatre. Our caregivers can also be ready when you get home with a welcome cup of tea and a meal prepared, so you can relax when you get home and put your feet up for a while!

Communicating with family via video

For your grandchildren and their parents, flicking and swiping around a mobile phone or device seems almost second-nature. However, we know that many of these devices are not designed for older, stiff hands or for those whose memory is not what it was. So, all our caregivers are equipped with a phone and our Vytality app, which also connects them to your family. So, they can get you connected so you can sit and chat with your loved ones via video, without having to remember which “Mission Impossible” series of buttons you need to press!

Peace of mind for your family

Another feature of assisted living the article mentioned was the reassurance families felt knowing that their loved ones were being looked after, and not having to check up on them all the time. The same applies, of course, to home care. Families can relax knowing your caregiver is due to visit, and know that if anything concerns them or you, they will call.

That’s where our Vytality phone app really helps family living many miles away. It enables your family to be part of your care, to be informed of what’s going on and who is visiting when. They can even pay for your care remotely if they wish. It’s also a HUGE relief to grown up children to know that someone is visiting you on a regular basis (every day if you wish).

No need to move house

Your unique home care plan is designed to help you to age in place in your own home. So, you can stay in familiar surroundings for longer, and not worry about the upheaval and upset of moving to a new home when actually all you need is some extra help. You may be able to enjoy many more years at home, living safely and comfortably, until you may prefer to move to an assisted living community.

For details of how our home care services can help you stay in your own home for longer, call us at 403 476 3680.

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