Seven great reasons to age in place in Calgary

As we look into retirement and beyond, we may wonder where we might live that can offer us the best quality of life.

The good news is – you probably already living there! In the 2018 Global Liveability Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit, Calgary rates as the fourth best city to live in in the world. It’s also the only North American city in the top five, pushing Vancouver and Toronto down into 6th an 7th places respectively. Canada and Australia are also the only two countries to have three cities each in the top 10 rankings.

Calgary – a city for seniors

So, why is Calgary such a great place to live now, and into our senior years? We’ve put together out top 7 reasons – and we’re sure you’ve got plenty more to add too!

1. Calgary’s climate

Calgary bathes in an average of 332 days of sunshine a year, and the warm Chinook wind ensures winters here are less harsh than in other cities in Alberta, such as Edmonton. Our summers are mild and dry, and the humidity here rarely rises above 55%, so that means less aching joints too!

2. Calgary’s approach to senior living

The senior population in Calgary is growing rapidly. According to,

“By 2036, it’s estimated that nearly one in five Calgarians will be a senior.”

The City of Calgary has therefore planned ahead and developed a comprehensive Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy that covers many aspects of senior living, including safety, transport, housing, health, recreation and culture.

3. Clean and tidy

Calgary is consistently in the CITI IO list of the world’s cleanest cities. It’s current position at no11 in the rankings is largely to the municipal authorities’ coordinated approach to keeping the city clean, from water drinkability to air pollution. We enjoy great air quality in Calgary, thanks in part to the transit system being 100% fuelled by sustainable energy. Good to know!

4. Calgary transport

Getting around Calgary is quick and easy thanks to the efficient transit system of buses and the C-Train, most of which is senior-friendly in terms of accessibility. Make sure you get your Senior Yearly Transit Pass, which saves seniors’ money on every journey. If you find accessing the transit system difficult, there are still plenty of ways to get around. Our Vytality home care team can help you by ordering an Uber, a taxi or organising an Access Calgary ride. This is a shared ride, door to door public service for anyone who can’t access the Calgary Transit due to a disability.

5. Excellent health facilities

Should you need them, Calgary has no less than four major acute care hospitals, and various specialist clinics covering women’s health, cancer care and cardiovascular treatments. The University of Calgary faculty of Medicine is highly respected for its research into diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and joint injuries.

6. A city of activity and tranquility

Calgary has so much to offer, from quality restaurants to live theatre, beautiful art to music for all tastes. The Alberta Ballet Company,  Calgary Opera, Calgary International Film Festival and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra are all based in the city. You’ll also find famous sports teams and major events to enjoy, such as the annual Stampede. There’s also 500 miles of paths connecting the city’s many parks and open spaces to explore, and the stunning National and Provincial Parks in the nearby Rocky Mountains.

7. Your home, your life

Of course, if you’ve lived in Calgary all your life, none of the above will come as a surprise! You already enjoy all the benefits of living in Calgary, which also include access to your personal network of good friends, your social circles, long-established health and medical support, etc. By making plans to Age in Place, and putting in place appropriate levels of home care, you can continue to live in the community you love, with the extra help you need.

Quality home care in Calgary

At Vytality at Home, we want you to stay in the home you love for as long as possible. So, we offer you a range of home care services in Calgary, tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements. Call us at 403 476 3680 for an free consultation to talk about your situation or that of your loved one. Or fill in our booking form.

And just to say, you don’t need to be retired to get the help you need! Our home care services are for anyone who needs them, whether you have a disability and want some extra assistance, or want someone short-term to help while you recover from illness or surgery, in the comfort of your own home.

Why do you love living in Calgary?

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